Will my pet forget me?

To the pets in our care we become “their best friends” but we are not a replacement to the love of a owner. Pets do not forget owners!

Can my pets share a kennel/cattery?

Yes we do allow dogs/cats from the same household to share accommodation.  We also offer a discount for additional pets.  Please be aware if they cause each other any injuries we are within our rights to put int0 separate accommodation and charge for the extra.

Can I look round before I book?

Yes most definitely.  Viewing is welcomed any time within our opening hours, up until 4pm.  No appointment necessary.

What if I have travel problems whilst I’m away and my flight gets cancelled?

Do not panic your pets is safe! Although it can be a logistical nightmare in the peak of summer we will always accommodate in an unforeseen situation.

My pet is on medication will you still take him?

We can cater for most medication needs.  All medication must be in the original packaging from your vet so we know exactly what the medication is.  We do not take medication in clear bags.  Please ensure you check the quantities are sufficient to cover the length of your pets stay. We recommend any veterinary concerns are discussed with your vet before booking.  Any queries please contact us before your pets stay. Any pre-existing conditions are not covered on the kennel’s insurance. We do charge for administering medication which is not given in food, such as cream, drops or Injections.  This is 50p per application or £1.00 per injection.

Can I send a friend to visit my pet whilst I’m away?

We do need advance permission from owners if anybody is due to visit your pet.  We don’t allow pets to be taken out unless a disclaimer form has been signed beforehand. Whilst off site they are not covered under our insurance and we cannot be held responsible for your pet’s welfare.

What if my pet is ill whilst I’m away?

On your pets individual records we do record the veterinary practice where they are registered.  We will always try to use your own veterinary practice where possible, as they have your pet’s full history.  Where this is not possible we will ensure they get the necessary care from an on call pet practice. Please ensure you inform on check in of any health concerns or pre-existing veterinary conditions. It is important to inform your vets you use kennels and discuss any wishes you may have in regards to veterinary treatment.  We will always try and contact an owner before taking any pet to the vets but this is not always possible and we would never comprise your pet’s welfare.

Do you board kittens/puppies?

We can board any pet as long as a full vaccination course has been completed in the necessary time scale.  Please speak to your vet if you have any queries regarding vaccinations.  It is extremely beneficial to board pets at a young age if you are looking at using a kennels/cattery.

My dog is really nervous and I’m worried about leaving him?

We are happy to work with nervous dogs to make their kennel experience really positive.  We would recommend you contact the kennels and arrange a chat beforehand and bring your dog along too. We advise boarding for a short stay initially to see how you dog gets on.

Will my dog get to play with other dogs?

Unfortunately this is not possible.  We can only let dogs from the same households mix.  Although your dog may love other dogs not all the dogs that stay are the same. We cannot risk anybody getting hurt.  Your dog will however get plenty of interaction and play time and will be able to see the other dogs.

Do you take bitches in season?

Yes we can board bitches in season.  Please just advise us beforehand so we can ensure you dog is not near entire males!

Please do contact us if you cannot find the answer to your question.