Check List Information

We have prepared for you an easy-to-use checklist to help your best friend prepare for their stay at Suntop.

1. If you require directions to Suntop, please go to our contact us page.
2. Proof of current vaccinations. Your Vet will be able to provide this information.
3. Proof of Kennel Cough vaccination for dogs only, must be administered a minimum of ten days before arrival
4. Ensure your pet is up to date on their flea and worming program.
5. Medication that your pet may be taking and instructions on administration. Please leave medication in the orginal packaging so we know exactly what the medication is. We do not take tablets in unlabelled packaging.
6. If your pet is on a veterinary prescription diet we ask that you bring along enough food to last the duration of the stay and a bit extra in case of travel delays.
7. You know your pet better than we do, so if he is likely to be diet sensitive we encourage owners to bring their pet’s usual food to avoid stomach upsets that can occur with a rapid dietary change.
8. Collar and lead for dogs. For extra security we ask that all dogs have a collar and are kept on a lead when either being dropped off or collected.
9. Cats must arrive in a secure cat carrier, ideally labelled.
10. Toys & Treats. You are welcome to bring along your pets favourite toys and treats.
11. Bedding. We supply all bedding, however, bedding from home with familiar smells can often help pets to settle. If providing your own, please ensure it is fully washable. No duvets please.
12. If your dog is to be collected by anyone else but you, you MUST give us details. We will not release the dog unless we receive prior instructions from you to do so.
13. Drop off times are strictly between 8.30 – 12 in the morning & between 2-5pm.
14. Collection 8.30 -12 and 2-5pm. Please note we are closed Sundays afternoons from noon.

Please note: If proof of vaccination is not shown on arrival we cannot accept your dog for boarding. This is the owner’s responsibility.

We do not accept food bowls for hygiene reasons. We supply stainless steel bowls which are disinfected daily.